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"In the afternoon the child eats bread."

Translation:Buổi chiều đứa trẻ ăn bánh mì.

December 22, 2016



I put nguoi before dua tre, but it was marked incorrect. I haven't figured out the rules for when NOT to use the classifiers. Help?


I think, in real world (not in grammar sphere) vietnamese people classifying system wears more complicted terms, then just determination of object type. May be, classifiers determine relations between "me" (who's talking now) and "object" (wait,what am i talking about). In this case, idioms "child", "girl", "boy" are excluded from "human" category. Such examples, we can meet in other languages...


Why 'buổi' here? That is not explained.


It's the classifier.

But why not a "Vào buổi chiều..."?

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