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Rating Translations Issue - Should not give points

The Rate Translations mechanism is broken. It encourages ratings to get points over rating for accuracy. People are just clicking any button to get points rather than actually trying to correct the translation. This mechanism needs to be re-examined. For instance:

In several of the translation documents there are English words. For instance one sentence was:

Morrilton, Arkansas.

When I clicked the Rate Translations button I was shown the following translation:

Morrilton, Arkanas

They misspelled Arkansas, and yet it had 12 positive smiley face ratings.

June 19, 2012



In addition, the acronyms are often given in Spanish and peeps just repeat it, instead of finding out what the equivalent is in English. Eg: ADN is DNA.


Also, the system should be examining if the document is showing an English sentence - why does it give me +6 for translating: NCAA. Seriously, 6 points for just re-typing an acronym (of which several people typed Ncaa /sigh).

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