"Where are you tonight?"

Translation:Πού είσαι απόψε;

December 22, 2016

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How about "Πού είσαι εσύ το βράδυ;"? I remember, that's what I learnt in the Pimsleur course...


Το βράδυ=at night, tonight=απόψε. So, "Πού είσαι εσύ το βράδυ;"=Where are you at night?


Ι understand. I guess, they both could be used in the same situations, but they don't mean exactly the same. Thank you.


Why is που είσαι το βράδυ not accepted? The εσύ should not be necessary as I understand it.


Thanks for notifying us; I've removed the mistaken alternative πού είσαι εσύ το βράδυ as an alternative now.

As troll1995 explains further up, that would mean "Where are you at night" rather than "where are you tonight".


What about Πού είσαι νύχτα; ? i thought νύχτα was night, απόψε was evening?


νύχτα is a noun meaning "night" -- the question is not "where are you night?" but "where are you TONIGHT?".

απόψε is an adverb meaning "this evening" or "tonight".


που είσαι αητή η νύχτα wouldn't work either?


To be correct grammatically it should be "Πού είσαι αυτή τη νύχτα;", not omitting the accent on πού (because που=that) and using the accusative. It still wouldn't work as a direct translation though because that means "Where are you this night?", not "tonight".

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