A little milestone...

For the very first time, I got a report saying my Hebrew translation of an English sentence has been accepted, not an English translation of a Hebrew sentence! Looking at it, I'm pretty sure it was just a word order thing, but still, I am always happy the first time a translation I suggested is accepted when it's not into my native language does happy dance

December 22, 2016


Congratulations, flootz! Your hard work is paying off :D

December 22, 2016

Thank you! :D

Like I said, I'm pretty sure it was just a word order thing... but I am pleased as punch, out of all proportion! I think this marks the third language in which I've definitely managed to do this; Russian I got a few, French I managed a couple in the Ru>Fr course, and now Hebrew. (I think I might have got one or more in Ukrainian or Esperanto, but I'm far from certain, and it's a thing I usually remember...) If I ever manage to get a new sentence added which isn't purely a word order thing, then I will be over the moon, but as little milestones go... I'm a very happy bunny!

December 22, 2016
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