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Lingots From Discussions

I got on today to Duo, and found that I got 7 lingots from translating. How and why do we get them? The award only said 'You received X lingots for translating so-and-so'

February 25, 2014



Hmm… I can give lingots and all, but never have gotten any for translating. Keep going N8-0!


Welcome to Duolingo! You can give lingots to other community members in a discussion. You can also buy things in the lingot store with all the lingots you earn: https://www.duolingo.com/show_store


I know that, but for some reason, I got lingots from translating


N8-0 has been on Duolingo for quite some time, as I understand it, and wanted to know why he earned Lingots from translating a document in the Immersion section.


Lol. I got about 15 lingots from translating!

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