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The word " library" in other languages :

Danish - bibliotek

Dutch - bibliotheek

French - bibliothèque

German - Bibliothek

Italian - biblioteca

Norwegian - bibliotek

Portuguese - biblioteca

Spanish - biblioteca

Swedish - bibliotek

Esperanto - biblioteko

English - library ?????????????? :D :D :D :D , what is the logic ? :) . I don't mean the meaning of " library" , I mean why is there not a word like " bibliothek" in English too?

Ok, it comes from Latin, but ...

"Bookstore" in languages that came from Latin :

Portuguese - livraria

Spanish - librería

Romanian - librărie

French - librairie

Italian - libreria

Do you see?

December 23, 2016



I'm not sure why it's exactly library, but I do know it has something to do with the Latin 'liber'. Liber means book, it's the ancestor of the Spanish libro. A bunch of other stuff you already know, search up pineapple in different languages, English is the odd one out on that as well!


Yeah, it is always "ananas" but in Portuguese is " abacaxi" :D , don't ask me why :D . Spanish has a different word too " piña" :)




Well, the Latin word librarium meant library, so that's the logic. By the way, French also uses librairie, and Italian also uses libreria, just with slightly differing meaning.


It is curious, your English word" library" should mean " bookstore" :)


I don't know about should... Librarium just meant place for books.


It's because latin is the core language for most languages if you get me :D xx

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Hungarian: könyvtár! :)


Arabic: Maktabah - مكتبة


Librārium in Latin means a bookshelf, or a place where books are kept such as a book room or library. Bibliothēca means basically the same thing and comes from Greek (βιβλιοθήκη. to Western Europe via Latin). A thēca (θήκη in Greek) was something that enclosed something else, from a small envelope on up, and I think was used for the case or cubbyhole in which a book scroll was kept, as bound books were not in use until a few centuries A.D. . . . Russian uses библиотека (biblioteka), which it probably borrowed directly from Greek.


Serbian: knjižara(bookstore) biblioteka(library) :)


Japanese: 図書館 ( としょかん ) = Library

Japanese: 本屋 ( ほんや ) = Bookstore

[deactivated user]

    In Mandarin Chinese: library is 圖書館/图书馆 (túshū guǎn), and book store is 書店/书店 (shūdiàn)


    It is pretty cool, do you want to help me Japanese, please? :)


    I don't know if I'm suitable ^-^" I can teach you the basics of Japanese but I'm no expert :)


    But you know hiragana and katakana and leanrning Kanji :)


    of course that native japanese will help me but you can learn me and then practice together...


    so i would like that you help me a bit :)


    Toki Pona: tomo pi lipu mute


    Note about the Dutch 'Bibliotheek': When talking about the library, we often use the word: 'bieb'. ('Waar ga je heen?' 'Naar de bieb, ik moet een boek terugbrengen.') When we do use 'bibliotheek', some people may pronounce it as 'bibioteek'.

    Oh yeah, 'bookstore' in Dutch: boekwinkel, boekenwinkel, boekhandel, boekenhandel. They're pretty interchangeable.


    Where would one be in a 'boekwinkel' or a 'boekhandel'?! That implies you buy only one book :P


    Estonian - raamatukogu Finnish - kirjasto


    Afrikaans: biblioteek

    This is merely an underwhelming version of the Dutch word.


    (Lojban) Library

    tersro le datni — containment of stockpiled data

    tersro le cukta — containment of stockpiled books

    ckudi'u — book type-of building — cukta dinju

    ctuku'a — book type-of room — cukta kumfa

    ctuzda — book type-of house — cukta zdani

    ckusro – book type-of collection — cukta sorcu

    Also, if "library" isn't exclusively about books, there are:

    datnysro — data type-of collection


    Not to mention Polish - biblioteka Russian - библиотека (biblioteka) ..lol..

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