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Weekend Amulet is annoying

Yet another "feature" to make the streak meaningless.

I get that duo was getting many requests for long term streak protection, and for things to do with lingots. It would have been nice if it wouldn't pop up after every lesson. I said No Thanks. Repeatedly. There are enough screens after the lessons since you've added ads. And now another one?

This is just more clutter. And does nothing to aid in language learning.

December 23, 2016



How do you purchase one? It says I need one for the achievement.


Well, this Android user does NOT have that feature! :(

And yes, my app is up to date.


Android is always weird with me. Sometimes it give me bonus points for streaks in a lesson, sometimes it doesn't. Also, sometimes features are in other people's Duolingo app because it's in a testing phase. Because I never really heard of this amulet thing (till I got it yesterday), maybe it's in a testing phase and is given to certain users (I'm assuming).


Same weirdness here. I had ads after every lesson for about two weeks, but none for the past month or so. This week, I once or twice got "combo points" on days when I did strengthening as well as new lessons.


I am willing to trade my place on the Amulet A/B test for a place on the Norwegian 3.0 test.


I get it on Android :P


If you get distracted easily, it can help you stay motivated. Or if you loose long streak it can annoy you and why wouldn't you afford deserved second chance?


I see you got the free version as well. Not that we need these, but you'll never know.


So true, so true.


Interesting. I would have thought the higher the streak the more precious lingots they would have tried to take.


That's an excellent idea. The various options for streak protection should cost something like 10% of the streak you are protecting.


My first thought was that it might be because I had the "normal" Streak Freeze enabled.


Okay, so that's one theory shot...


My friend keeps getting this on his Spanish course, and I haven't gotten even one on my German. Can't find it in the Lingot store. Why?


im on mobile but dont get it on my german course either???


I just purchased one because I've got nothing else to do with my lingots, but I have no intention on using it this weekend. Does it stay until a streak ends on a weekend, or is it only for the weekend you purchase it?


It only stays on for the 1 weekend that you purchased it on sadly.


Hi, I am relatively new to DL. I didn't know about the 'amulet', but it leads me to the following question.

I wonder if anywhere I can see, in the statistics of another user, the number of times they have invoked a 'streak freeze' (and for how long).

Only insight into those would paint a complete picture, together with all the amulets, crowns and whatnot.


Unfortunately, you cannot do that. :(


Weekend Amulet never pops up on my scree. This is the only thing which I can achieve on my own. If this never shows up I can not equip it. So no stars for me


I have never felt that it is annoying.


when do I buy a weekend amulet?


I have never found any way to get one. I think they removed it from Duolingo but forgot to adjust the achievements accordingly.


I use the Android App version and I see the 'Weekend Amulet' offered to me after I complete a lesson on a Friday. It appears as a pop-up on completion of the lesson and is then available in the shop section until the end of the day (Friday only). This is what I have noticed for me anyway.


how can I get more lingots?


Where i can buy this?


I can't buy it either, and my phone constantly updates Duolingo.


I disagree, it doesn't make the streak meaningless at all.
Streak is meaningless in itself, to show off other people, except when it's used to state a goal for ourselves, to come every day, in order to learn.

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