iPhone app bug

When I am working towards mastering a lesson I make sure I get 3 hearts on a refresh skill before I do the next one. If I do a refresh skill one as many times as I have things left to master it, it tells me I've mastered it with the pop-up (doesn't clear it though).

February 16, 2013


Thanks! We'll fix this :)

Hi splitter, can you please tell me if my understanding of your bug is correct:

After you learn a skill, you get a "Refresh this skill" notebook as one of the tasks you need to master the skill. You do one of these notebooks repeatedly, trying to get 3 hearts on it. Suppose there are 3 locked spaces left in the path before you master the skill. If you repeat this Refresh three more times, the awards screen at the end of the lesson says you've mastered the skill, but in reality you haven't mastered it.

Yep that's what happens. I've seen it several times too.

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