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December 23, 2016



I roll the 'r' in this word but it doesn't sound Welsh, sound more like I'm speaking with an Afrikaans accent. I know I'm supposed to always roll the R but do all Welsh speakers do this when pronouncing this word?

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The audio is pretty accurate on the correct pronunciation here. The 'r' doesn't roll very much in the middle of a word unlike a word which has an 'r' in the first syllable.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but i think it's more of an alveolar tap than a roll in Cymraeg. Very slight, doesn't need to be held.


Yes I think you're right although I'm not a native speaker, it is more of a tap. Although I have heard it trilled sometimes in some words. When I'm speaking Welsh, I tend to put a little bit more roll on the 'rh' phonetic, but I would like to know from a native if this is a good idea (I don't go crazy with it, just a tad more than the tapped 'r' phonetic). Also, in Welsh, if there are two normal 'r's next to each other, I tend to roll over both of them in what sounds like a smooth roll of the tongue, rather than the tap, is this okay to do as well?


thats where im from :)


There is a slight roll on the 'r' in Awstralia. 'rh' however, is not rolled as much it is pronounced rrhuh

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