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I wasn't sure where to post this but I'll do it here.

Hey, mates. I have a problem with my courses in Duo. Two of them are not golden, meaning not "strengthened". No matter how many times I strengthen my skills on them they don't fill up. Then I noticed there is a little golden vertical line right in the left corner of the picture of the course with the golden strength bar.

So I figured it's a graphic bug of some sort. I'd post a screenshot ,but I don't know how to here.

Does anyone else have a problem like this?


December 23, 2016



There's a bug that sometimes appears. If a skill won't strengthen no matter how many times you repeat it, re-do the lessons, and it will sort itself out.


It worked, Thank you. )


I can't answer your question... sorry ; but here is... How to post a screenshot

Example: ![](www.duolingo.com/design/img/lingot.svg) with no spaces...

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