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Crăciunul în România (Christmas in Romania)

Since there is not yet a translation section, I couldn't post this article there. So here you go, the Wikipedia article on Christmas in Romania:

Crăciunul în România https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cr%C4%83ciunul_%C3%AEn_Rom%C3%A2nia


"Crăciunul este o sărbătoare principală anuală, la fel ca în majoritatea statelor creștine. Crăciunul a fost introdus odată cu apariția creștinismului în România. Marcă postală de Crăciun

Sărbătoarea Nașterii Domnului se ține pe 25 și 26 decembrie."


December 23, 2016



Crăciun Fericit!
(And "Sărbători Fericite!" for all of you who don't celebrate Christmas).


Let's not forget saying Happy birthday / La multi ani to those with names that are celebrated in the Christmas day. Like Emanuel/Cristiana/Cristian/Natalia. Random fact: I noticed it's quite hard for english people to write down names without an H. Christana versus Cristiana for example.


Really? Is that a thing in Romania, to say happy birthday to "those with names that are celebrated on Christmas Day"? We don't do that in the U.S., at all. That being said, my dad's name is Chris and he was actually born on December 25, which is why he was given that name. So in this case, I would actually say la mulți ani to him.


Romanians seem to say La multi ani! on Christmas anyway, maybe cause it's so close to the new year where we also say it.

Which is annoying for me as I'm born on 3rd of January and I am never sure if people say La multi ani! to me as a greeting after the new year or because it's my birthday, and unless I know they know, instead of saying thanks I say La multi ani! back to them to not make it awkward.


Yikes, that does sound very annoying.


So have you actually said thanks and they responded by getting awkward? I wonder if you just tried saying thanks, maybe they'd realize...


I don't say La mulți ani on Christmas and I keep forgetting the Cristian, Cristina. But I do say La mulți ani to Ștefan on December 27 and to Vasile on January 1.

I also don't say La mulți ani on Easter, but I heard people saying this... :)

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