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Recording Fails Often - Freezes Flash Player

Very frequently I press record, say my sentence, then hit the stop button and instead of immediately auto-correcting, it merely turns the 'Check' button green and stops. When I press the Check button everything stops working. I cannot skip the question, I cannot play back my phrase, and no other buttons work forcing me to restart the lesson. I'm going to stop using the record option until this is resolved - so many times I've been at the end of a lesson and had this happen. There needs to be better error handling for the audio / web audio check system in the Flash app.

June 19, 2012


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Up. 2 years later, I'm experiencing this same problem in Firefox. Solutions? Workarounds?


Actually I just noticed that I CAN select "I don't want to use a microphone" and it allows me to go on, however, the audio has completely stopped working. It seems that the Flash player's audio has crashed in these instances.


I can confirm that with the current Chrome browser on a Lion Mac


Mine freezes with Safari


I have reported this twice, and gotten back just ridiculous boiler plate answers from support

This is the issue where, on a "speak what you hear", DL refuses to score it.

I have just discovered a work around: I simply switch to a different tab in my browser, and DL INSTANTLY scores it!

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