"Adun sticle de suc."

Translation:I collect juice bottles.

December 24, 2016

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Why is "I collect bottles of juice" incorrect?


In English "juice bottle" implies empty bottles which are intended to contain juice, but it looks like in Romanian it could mean either the just the bottles for juice or full bottles of juice. The person writing the question and answer might not have noticed the ambiguity yet?


I can't see a reason why it should be, I guess "juice bottles" seems to flow better in English? Saying "bottles of juice" might just be a long-winded way of doing it, but I think both should be fine?? Report it


Because it's asking you to type what you hear in Romania, not to translate it into English? :-)


This phrase can appear on multiple activities but the discussion is the same, me and MatthewPearse had the same activity (Romanian to English text) but I think you must have had the Romanian audio to Romanian text


Ah, ok... I can see that. Then, in that case, context (which is often missing in these over-simplified translations) may come into play. A bottle of juice implies that the bottle is full of juice when collected, whereas a juice bottle would be a likely empty bottle which had contained juice before it was emptied.


Ahh yes, everyone loves context (or the lack thereof) in these translations. Mulțumesc!


To collect in romanian is "a colecta". And before the same word was used as "to gather". Duolingo is wrong in this case and just confuses everything.

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