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Audio not working

I don't know if it's the audio itself on Duolingo or if it's just a temporary glitch between Duo and how it's being received by my browser, but I've tried the audio the last few times and nothing works. I've used Duolingo for a few weeks now and it seemed to work okay, but if it didn't work, I'd just close my browser and start it again which seemed to make it work again. I tried restarting my browser and restarting my computer twice this time and still no audio. Also, the audio on my computer is turned up all the way and works fine.

February 16, 2013



Did you install any type of Flash blocking plugin?


I am unable to get audio to work at all. Do I need to install something and if so what?


You may need to upgrade your Flash player.


Upgraded to the last version. Same with java and Silverlight. No sound at all. Not a single beep with IE and Chrome.

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