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I've been given the translation of the word 'si' as is when it should have been 'if', and the word 'comme' as how when the sentence needed the word 'like'

June 19, 2012



You don't make it very clear what exactly your question/insight is. But 'si' can definitely mean 'if' and 'comme' can mean 'like'. If you want to report an error to the duolinguo team the feedback buttons in the lesson or on the left of this page are probably a better way to make sure your voice gets heard by the right people.


Thank you. I was not being clear. I guess you are telling me I should have used the feedback tab to left on this page. Yes, si does mean if, but when I first encountered the word si as a new word the translation given was 'is' and not if. This type of mis-translation has happened twice now. But then, as you say, I should use feedback. Thanks again.


@arnie: OK, I see. In that case, the feedback button might indeed be the better option as I doubt the duolinguo staff will read through all of the forum posts.


I recently purchased the annual subscription in the belief that I could use the App continually I find that this is not the case as it is always trying to get you to buy new health. I think the sale is misleading and does not fully explain that you cannot just work though the program which is a pity because I enjoy using it


I am extremely dissatisfied with the new updates. I haven’t been on in awhile, but I recently started using Duolingo again to continue using Spanish during the summer. I am unpleased with how I am no longer able to test out of subjects, and the whole “health” system is ridiculous. There shouldn’t be a limit of time that can be spent practicing a language.


After over a year and several emails accepting my translations my streak has been taken from me. I would like to point out that I had been taken into hospital as an emergency heart patient on Friday. Then losing the streak was dispicable without any enquiry. I suggest you rethink your very hard and inpersonal streak cut.


The streak, like all things on DL, is a gimmick. It is meant to keep you coming back so you get maximum exposure to the adverts. This is how they make $$$; what does that have to do with you and your problems? YOU are the PRODUCT that is being sold.


Hello Duolingo, i have another account which I'm have finished the french course, but I started duolingo stories for french and one of the level has been deleted so I cannot go further on with another level. SET 7 title "A new Job"

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