"Do you have the table?"

Translation:Tu ai masa?

December 24, 2016

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I thought masă meant meal.

Can someone please clarify?


Masă can mean both meal and table, it's used elsewhere like this in the lesson.


Masă also means 'Table' and a meal.


It's kind of both. 'Masa a fost gustausa' is the meal was good and uses it as meal, but 'eu vrea masa' is I want a table. I think you have to use context to figure it out. If anyone knows a better way pls reply, and sorry if i spelled stuff wrong.


Why was ai tu masa incorrect?


if you would say that to a romanian he would understand but it is grammaticly incorrect


Because that means "have you table" literally translated, which is grammatically incorrect in both Romanian and English


So both "Voi aveți masa?" And "Tu ai masa?" Are correct, the difference is "Voi" is asking more than 1 person, and "Tu" is only asking 1 person?


Yes, many languages have a singular "you" and a plural "you" French: tu/vous German: du/ihr Swedish: du/ni ...

And in Romanian: tu/voi


yep, thats right. nice job!


I would pay more attention to the accents if you ever explained what any of them mean instead of just trial and error.


These are not accents; a, ă and â are different letters with different pronunciations. And like other letters, their meanings depend on the words they are found in. But in this case, 'masă means 'table' and 'masa' means 'the table.' (But Romanian tends not to use definite forms after prepositions, so 'on /the/ table' is just 'pe masă.')


why not la masa?


'Masă' = '(a) table' 'Masa' = 'the table' 'La' = 'at/to/in' (not a definite article in Romanian!)


"La masa" would be "at the table".


Well, it would make more sense if you said 'La masă'. A Romanian would still understand but if you want to be grammatically correct there's your answer.


It didn't work with "Aveți o masă?". Why?


It's the difference between "a table" and "the table."


It's a mixture of you using 'Aveți' which can mean plural or just a formal way of saying 'you' (depending on the context) & Because that means 'Do you have a table'.

Hope that helps


This is not correct - the English translation is a literal translation. In Romanian "tu ai masa" (a avea masa) is an expression meaning "are you having or do you have your meal?" - and can refer to any meal they are talking about, i. e. lunch, breakfast, etc, or, depending on the time of day.


The thing that makes this tricky is the double meaning of the word 'masa'

1- masa=table 2- masa=meal


Ok, so i didn't understand something. In other exersise there was 'The table' and i wrote '' Masa '' and there was written that it should be with 'ă' and then on this exersise there was "The table" and i wrote "Masă" and it said that it should be with "a". Can somebody explain when shall i put it?


It must have been a Duolingo error because

Masa=the table and Masă=a table

Hope that helps!


Just as a starter explanation, use the indefinite form (masă) after a preposition (pe, din, la etc) and the definite form (masa) anywhere else you want to say 'the table.' I'm sure there's more to it, but that will take you a ways.

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