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Translation:The moment

December 24, 2016



Can we translate øjeblikket as "at present time" or "currently"?


No. This is a noun. To make it to an adverbial like 'at present time' or 'currently' you need to add the preposition 'i' or 'for': "i øjeblikket" / "for øjeblikket"


I tried to complete the sentence in correct English. I therefore used 'currently' instead of 'the moment'! I was aware 'Øjeblikket' means 'the moment' but it did not fit in with the English translation.

How do I open 'shop' to freeze for a weekday with 'gems' - why so many gems required for one day freeze??

Thank you for your advice. Merle, Danish


On a computer:

At the top, next to where it says 'discuss,' is the shop.

On an iPad or iPhone: At the bottom, it should say 'shop.'

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