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  5. "Vous êtes des humains."

"Vous êtes des humains."

Translation:You are humans.

February 16, 2013



Actually in English this would more likely be You (pl) are human (pl). I figured Duo would want the literal translation humans but I put down the collective noun human just to see what would happen.

I'm curious as to what human as a collective noun would be. EG: You are all human.


Hmm... I think in what you're suggesting "human" is actually an adjective, not a noun. Fortunately "humain" is also an adjective in French so that would translate to: "Vous êtes humains."


The word humans with an s is not really an acceptable english word because the word human encompasses all mankind and is therefore already plural. It is one of those words that means singular and plural with the same spelling. Howerver.... if you have 3 people and a dog and a cat you could say there are 2 animals and 3 human beings, placing the s on beings.


In your example, you're using "human" as an adjective to describe the plural noun "beings". On its own, "human" can also be a noun - as it is in the French sentence - and is pluralized to "humans".

Here is a source: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/human#Noun


"you are human" is still more natural in this context. "human beings" should also be accepted.


"You are human" may sound more natural, but it's still incorrect, since "human" needs to be plural as it is in the French sentence. Keep in mind there is a difference between "human" as an adjective, and "humans" as a noun.

Also, I agree that "human beings" should be accepted.


interesting....http://www.learnersdictionary.com/search/human[1] it's not likely that i will ever need to use those words in that order,,, As an English person learning French, i just think it's bad English grammer in this case to use humans in the plural. Maybe in the French language it is acceptable. Perhaps this program will also improve my English grammer and vocabulary. !


No, it's not bad English grammar. It might not be familiar to you, but it's correct.


really, if you ever come across drunk men acting like dogs, you can remind them "Vous êtes des humains. Cessent d'être comme des chiens"

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"Cessez...." ;-)


If "men" or "humans" are acceptable, why not "people"?


i wrote "you are some humans" since 'des' means also 'some' and it's incorrect...


As it should be, since in English you are some humans is so unusual a construction, any reader would be puzzled as to what exactly was meant by such a statement. In French articles are required because they convey necessary information about the noun they modify, number, gender etc. In English, where articles are not required sometimes including one changes the apparent meaning of the statement.


Since being human is a pretty general state of being for a human, and saying to any other species wouldn't illicit much of a reaction, why is this des humains and les humains? I thought les was used in generalisations


I cannot think of any circumstance in which 'you are humans' would not sound incredibly odd apart from sci-fi. Even then, it would be an alien usage!


If aliens come to Earth speaking French, we'd better be able to understand them, n'est-ce pas?

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