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I can't learn dutch! What do I do?

I keep trying to do the exercises on duolingo but I always get so many wrong. When I have to type in what the man says for example I never get it right because I just don't understand anything. I'm level three dutch on the food section and I keep making so many mistakes and I'm sick of it.

December 24, 2016



Keep Calm! You just started learning. If you continue, I'm sure you will. If you do not understand, redo the lesson until you can understand it.


Before you start the exercises, click on the skill section and scroll down. There are tips and notes that will explain the exercise better and help you to understand what you're learning.


This is really important. Currently learning Norwegian and it helps so much.


Thanks for the tip!


I took German in school and my Dutch learning here (both regular and reverse trees) has given me great accomplishment and also great frustration. Just wait 'till you get to the "er" lesson! What we have to keep in mind is that we aren't always 100% in learning mode or 100% "on" every day when it comes to any skill, let alone language learning. And also, there are many good/acceptable answers which would at least be passable in real conversation which duo marks as wrong b/c they are not exactly what duo expects. Duo can't anticipate, in many cases, every correct or "close enough" answer. I will also add that "getting it wrong" even repeatedly can be a learning experience. One day the light will just go on and you'll get it.


I appreciate your comment


Hello! Your challenges shouldn't discourage you at all. There is a difference between learning and just playing. But there is always fun learning while playing. The more the mistakes ,the more you understand it . People don't get it that only mistakes makes you remember than usual espiecially if you take correction to be fun-refinement . My Word: you are on track; the mistakes are part of your learning process. Wait! What is merry Christmas in dutch. Anyway, have a wonderful holiday.


(Fijne kerst = merry christmas)


'Vrolijk kerstfeest' is another one. (Natuurlijk weet je dat al mapple, maar het is wel handig voor buitenlanders om te weten. )


Klopt, er zijn inderdaad meerdere manieren om deze zin te vertalen naar het Nederlands ;)


I like to make it a little more positive; there are no mistakes, only learnings.


Hi, I'm a native Dutch speaker myself and I know your frustration. Even after 17 years of speaking Dutch even for me there's a ton more to learn about Dutch. It's just an incredibly hard language, but that should motivate you to keep going on! The best way to learn things, is to repeat them, and when you make a mistake you repeat the word / sentence you had done wrong! It's just a matter of time before you start doing better and better! If you ever need help regarding Dutch, I'm very eager to help you out! <3


Thank you so much


omg it shouldn't be that stressful this is supposed to be fun ... ofc you're not gonna understand everything and be like 100% fluent in the third lesson but if you're really that ❤❤❤❤❤❤ maybe just stop unless you REALLY wanna learn it ?


Keep calm. I usually spend several days redoing lessons before I move on, that really helps me. Also, as mentioned by amyharryhollie, scroll down to the tips and tricks section! (Only available on the website, but just go there before you start a lesson) Highly valuably information.

If you ever need help, I'd love to! You can message me anytime :)


It can be hard at times. I used to learn Dutch here (I quit because it had no use for me) and I would suggest going to tips whilst doing the lesson or go on other websites for background info. Make flashcards too! Also, think positive! Dutch is one of the most easiest languages for native English and (maybe) German speakers. At least you aren't learning Arabic or Mandarin. If you are really stuck, there are hints on the computer version of Duolingo that shows you the translation of the word into your native language. Use the first word. Hope this helps!!!


Persevere! I find that re-doing each individual lesson helps a lot more than using the "strengthen skill" lesson. Perhaps try working on half of the words at a time. Trying to learn lots of words at once is overwhelming. Also I'm sure you'll understand the pronunciation soon. 37 days in, and now I can spell words correctly that I hear in the listening exercises that I don't even think I've come across yet, or at least don't remember. At first I had so much trouble with that.

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