"Punga paltonului este subțire."

Translation:The bag of the coat is thin.

December 24, 2016

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should the bag be a pocket in this sentence?


Punga is a plastic bag, so the sentence as it stands is gramaticaly correct. Picture a plastic bag for carrying a coat, but it's an odd sentence (even for a Romanian)! The Romanian for pocket would make much more sense in this sentence.


sorry, but one could live in Romania 1000 years and never hear this phrase.


I'm neither English, nor Romanian native speaker, but couldn't this mean the plastic bag/protection in which the coat is sold/packed?


Maybe a protective bag!?


Maybe it means the handbag that goes with the coat.


Google translate offers for pocket, amongst other things:

buzunar pocket, fob, holster, poke; pungă bag, purse, pouch, pocket, carrier bag; sac bag, sack, sac, poke, pocket, sackful I'm going to suggest it accepts English pocket in future.

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    I think the sentence has a hole in it!


    What the hell is the coat's BAG???!!!


    i was going to ask the same question. I don't understand the meaning of this sentence. I would say " pocket" or " hood " but even so......


    I did not understand this sentence. I came here and realised if it had been, "The coat's bag is thin," I would have understood it. It is another example of a foreign speaker using "The X of the Y" where a native English speaker would say, "The Y's X." That is done often in this lesson.

    Coats are sold in bags. Theatrical costumes are stored in protective bags.


    another problem: ... ' a THIN bag...' ???


    This is a peculiar sentence. I see from others' comments that they feel the same.


    Punga? I for the life of me couldn't understand what she was saying, so I put 'unga' (no idea what that would mean). It was accepted, even without the 'you have a typo'.


    Are these sentences generated by computer? The (noun) of the (noun) is (adjective)? Next, "The kitchen of the donkey is rich."


    It can be the protection that cover the coat coming from cleaning


    Pocket should be accepted as well


    It would make more sense but 'Punga' means bag. This sentence does not really make sense in English ir Romanian.


    Could it be a zipped bag with a coat-hanger for travel?


    What do you call the little pouch that you roll your kagool into when it's stopped raining... could you call that the coat's bag?


    What is wrong with: e subțire? By the way I live in Michigan and in our closets we have lots of plastic bags (tarnasparent) because we have two ( somebody says three) seasons so two set ofclothes are put away with tablets aginst humidity and bugs). As you can imgine plastic is ideal an defintively doesn't need to be thick.So I don't understand why people are wondering about this


    I understand that a coat can have a protective bag on it, and I got the correct answer, but this still seems like a very weird sentence.

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      UH Horse razor celery brick?


      Is "punga" feminine? If yes, why is thin masculin?


      The few adjectives ending in the letter "e" have the same form for masculine and feminine.

      un perete subțire, o tablă subțire

      un apartament rece, o apă rece

      un măr dulce, o prăjitura dulce

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