"I eat my own cake."

Translation:Mangio la propria torta.

February 16, 2013

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"Mangio la propria torta" is a mistake. The only translation would be "Mangio la mia torta", we don't emphatise in this way.

You can say "Lui mangia la propria torta" or "Ognuno mangi la propria torta", but "proprio" (or "propri") would translate "his own" "her own" "its own" and "their own" (but not "on his own", that would be "da solo", "per conto suo")

Sorry for the difficult explanation, if anybody has any questions, please ask.


I knew it! It's just like in Latin! You only use "suus, a, um" for the third person, while the first and second persons use "meus, a, um" and "tuus, a, um"!


"Io mangio la mia torta" was accepted as correct on my lesson page. I don't know why it doesn't show on this discussion page.


Would it actually be incorrect to say "mangio la mia propria torta"?


The Italian given sentence is wrong. Your sentence, Elena, is better, but not so really perfect. I will put another comment on its own, I hope the developers will notice it.

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If you want the developers to notice, it might be better to use the "report a problem" button.


this makes no sense to me. Why not la mia?


I have a different problem. Why bother with the word "propria" unless you are emphasizing that it is my own, instead of merely mine?


Oh I get it now. Thanks!


i thought it was being emphasized here...

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