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  5. "Bầu trời che chở chúng tôi."

"Bầu trời che chở chúng tôi."

Translation:The sky protects us.

December 24, 2016



What's the difference between che chở and bảo vệ?


Che chở and bảo vệ have the same meaning in English (protect), but it has a different thing is, bảo vệ is used when you protect someone or something from danger. Meanwhile, che chở is used for both when you protect someone from danger, and when you help someone because they have difficulties, they need a help.


Still a little confused. Can you give an example to help?


"Che chở" is used mainly for people/animals. It has a vague meaning of giving someone a home, nurturing them and protecting them from any harm. "Bảo vệ", well, it literally means protect.

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