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"Oamenii periferiilor sunt mai săraci."

Translation:The people of the outskirts are poorer.

December 24, 2016



Can 'periferiei' be used here (singular genitive, in case I'm declining wrong)? In English, we'd say either "the periphery" or "the outskirts," which cover both singular and plural, so I'm not sure what the idiomatic number should be here in Romanian.


"on the outskirts" or "from the outskirts" should be accepted. No on says "the people OF the outskirts" in English.


Is there a reason why you couldn't say "periferiei" (gen. singular), here?


Last time to another question I put suburbs and this was wrong, the answer was periphery. This time I put periphery and the answer is outskirts. Also I think the answer should be either in or of, because surely it can mean either, it depends which English you use.


"The people in the suburbs are poorer." seemed a reasonable idiomatic translation. Wrong of course.


"People of outskirts are poorer." seems a good answer to me as a general statement about all people living in any outskirts.

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