"Centrele sunt în orașe mari."

Translation:The centers are in big cities.

December 24, 2016



The centers are in big cities doesn't seem quite right. I don't event know what is meant by this. Are we talking about shopping malls? In that case I would say There are centers in the big cities or There are shopping malls in the big cities. Perhaps the meaning is The malls are in the big cities? I digress.

December 24, 2016


I wonder if maybe "center" here might mean "downtown area", like "centro" in Spanish?

January 12, 2017


Yes, "centru" means the centre of a village, town or city where many of the cultural/administrative buildings are located so it would be equivalent to a "downtown area."

June 21, 2018


Yes, marked wrong for "the centres are in large" "towns" Oras are towns in British English it would seem, and the hint offered both towns and cities.

August 19, 2017


Yes but looking at the context of the sentence, only cities are big enough to have 'centres'.

November 29, 2018


We have town centres in Britain!

March 13, 2019


Unfortunately this sentence is not factual. In Romania, even "o comună" (i.e., a geographical/administrative gathering of several villages) usually has a a cultural/administrative centre where one can find at least one church, a community centre, an administrative building like "primăria" (a building where you can go talk to the mayor), a school, maybe a hospital or something along those lines to at least administer first aid ("infirmeria"), a store and a market (the latter might only be open on the weekend).

You will often hear people say "Mă duc în centru." (I'm going downtown.") or "Am fost in centru." ("I was downtown.")

March 14, 2019


I can only assume that the lesson is referring to a different type of "centre" that is only found in cities, like an central business district or similar.

March 14, 2019


Why isn't "towns" accepted here? Is there some way to distinguish when oras means city and when it means town?

April 30, 2017


The centres in cities are big. Isn't that the same?

July 29, 2018


No, it's not the same. This would be "Centrele în orașe sunt mare."

August 5, 2018
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