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Improving english

Hi everybody, I live in Switzerland and I'm just trying to improve my english.

New buddies are welcome.


February 25, 2014

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Hi Laura, so do I. I'm French. Have you been in South of France before ?


Yeah, my ex boy friend lived in Orange. So I know well. Where do you live?


I live next to Agde, not far from Montpellier. And you, where do you live ? I went throught Switzerland when I went in Châtel. I went also another time in Geneve. But I don't know more of your country.


Oh yeah I perfectly know where it is. Once, by curiosity I've gone to the Cap d'Adge. Yeah, I know, not really the more interesting. I love to eat some mussels to the Grau du Roi. Switzerland is a beautiful, green and pretty safe. Genva is my town :-)

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