"I look at my cat."

Translation:Tôi nhìn con mèo của tôi.

December 24, 2016

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Would this sentence also work as "Tôi nhìn con mèo của mình"?


Kimberly, Xem isn't correct because it means to watch your cat instead of looking at it


"Nhìn vào" instead of just "nhìn" should also be accepted.


Why is wrong" nhin thấy " hêre


Why is xem not correct in this sentance?


Xem and nhìn are different just like how in English "to see" and "to look at" are different. Xem and "to see" mean that it happens upon your vision, while nhìn and "to look at" mean you actively direct your gaze at something.


Hi I am a Vietnamese. I want to explain that " nhìn" it mean " see" and "look" too. It mean "see" When we want to emphasis on what we see. We often add " thấy" behind. Sometime we use " thấy" only . Ex: tôi nhìn thấy/thấy một con chó ( I see a dog) And it mean look" when we want to emphasis on the act of look. We use only " nhìn" sometime we add "vào" behind. Ex: Anh ta nhìn/nhìn vào tôi ( He look at me)

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