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Bad pics in Vietnamese--is report not functioning?

So many of the pictures in the Vietnamese tree don't really match the words (the photos for China include a map of Texas; France includes a map of the world; and Germany has a picture of a street with the words "bus stop", which I don't think is a German phrase). I've been trying to report them as they come up, but I notice I never get a "report submitted" response, so I'm not sure any of my reports have even gone through. Has anyone else had trouble reporting those photos?

December 25, 2016



Really? When I learn Vietnamese, I don't see it. Please take a screenshot it for me.

And: I think you should write on moderator of Vietnamese from English course (team Vietnamese), You can receive the answer faster.


there are a lot of errors in vietnamese right now...i'm not sure if it's because it's still new, but none of the sentences/words have audio so far, and i can't learn a language such as vietnamese without audio...plus a LOT of the discussions on vietnamese are giving me 404 errors when i try to click on them

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