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  5. "Is this a plain or a valley?"

"Is this a plain or a valley?"

Translation:Đây là một đồng bằng hay một thung lũng?

December 25, 2016



'hay' is only used for questions; 'hoặc for non-questions


Obviously, both can be used in a question but there is a difference between Hay and hoặc :

"Hoặc is the stronger word for the absolute choice: either this or that.
Hoặc là tôi hoặc là cô ấy? Me or her? (An ultimatum)
That’s why hoặc is more used in legal texts, official documents and test (mathematical problems and questions).

Hay can be used in both formal in informal cases. There can be more options available- you can choose a third one or both."


PS : Đây là đồng bằng hoặc thung lũng? is accepted


Wow, never heard this explanation before.


What is the difference in VN between: 1) Is this a plain or a valley? [question] 2) This is a plain or a valley [statement]


Why is "Đây là một đồng bằng hoặc một thung lũng?" not an acceptable answer? Hoặc = hay, phải không?


You have to use "hay" with questions.


You'd think you could answer this question by looking. o_o


Do you think this could be an acceptable answer? "Đây có phải là một dồng bằng hay một thung lũng không?"


I think that would be a weird question to ask. In fact, being a yes/no question, the possible answers would be "yes, this is a plain or a valley" or "no, this is not a plain nor a valley".


Is "Đây là đồng bằng hay thung lũng?"also ok? I thought một was not necessary when it was not about quantity, but it was rejected.


It is accepted now.

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