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"La maŝino funkcias per elektro."

Translation:The machine works using electricity.

December 25, 2016



This is nature?


Not sure what you're asking.


The topic is "Nature", yet the questions are about machines.


I see, so perhaps it wasn't a question, but a snarky remark. Still not sure... Assuming it was a question, yes it's nature. The subtopic, presumably, was the following:

> metalo, karbo, fero, elektro, densa, flue, formo, konsisti, truo

Electricity is part of nature, and so this doesn't seem too much of a stretch. Either way, he/she is learning Esperanto with the sentence, right?


It's a completely reasonable confusion and there's no need to be defensive. Yes, it's a minor issue, but nevertheless electricity is not what we associate with "nature" as the word is understood colloquially. Electricity is part of nature, but so is nuclear fusion, yet we probably wouldn't put that under "nature" topic.


I'm not being defensive. I'm providing my best answer to the question... if Logo121 meant it as a question.

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