"Plato studied political philosophy."

Translation:Ο Πλάτωνας μελέτησε την πολιτική φιλοσοφία.

December 25, 2016

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Why "ο πλάτωνας μελετούσε την πολιτική φιλοσοφία" is not accepted? I think παρατατικός tense fits here


That would be "Plato was studying political philosophy". Παρατατικός is Past Continuous in English, while here, Αόριστος is needed. ^.^


I thought the simple past can be used for continual actions in the past as well? At the site Perfect English Grammar, for example, they state (among other uses):

2: We use it with finished actions, states or habits in the past when we know from general knowledge that the time period has finished. This includes when the person we are talking about is dead.

(Italics mine)


So, do you always need "Ο" before Plato, Socrates, etc.?


Yes. The article is always necessary before names. ^.^


I used σπούδασε, and was told I was wrong. So please explain the difference between σπουδάζω and μελετάω.


"Σπουδάζω" implies having studied something in university and having received a degree for that. "Μελετάω", you can do it on your own. Reading, looking up info, travelling to see things from up close etc.

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