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"Michael is the strongest man."

Translation:Mihai e cel mai puternic bărbat.

December 25, 2016



this was counted wrong - is it wrong? mihai e bărbatul cel mai puternic


It isn't, report it.


hi potestasity, i know how to open a report when i'm on the page where the mistake is, but i don't know how to get back to that page. do you know how? i googled around---sorry if i overlooked something obvious. thanks.


No, sorry, I don't know how to do that either. I mostly give these "report it" replies for future people who might read the comments section immediately after replying to a question. If I knew how, I would report them myself, I wouldn't boss other people :P


thanks --- live and learn!


I think the definite adjective is not supposed to be on the noun (bărbatul), since it is already on the adjective (cel...). So it should be bărbat, not bărbatul.


i wrote as translation : mihai e cel mai barbat puternic...evidently "wrong"?? it is strange to note that in Romanian such an adjective is placed in front of the substantive whereas in other latin languages the adjective is placed BEHIND the substantive......


I was given "Mihai e cel mai puternic bărbat om" and "Mihai e cel mai puternic bărbat"... I choose the latter and was told the former was the correct choice... But even above my answer is listed as correct... What's up with that and what's the "om"?


Okay... Actually, the answer it said was correct read "Mihai e cel mai puternic om"... Which makes minimal more sense...

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