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  5. "Ție îți aduc un câine negru."

"Ție îți aduc un câine negru."

Translation:I bring you a black dog.

December 25, 2016



This is so hard to comprehend for an untrained ear.


And also very hard to pronounce, at least for me :O


Can you place the îți after aduc? Would it be correct to say, Ție aduc îți un câine negru. ?


Maybe the other way around is OK i.e., "[Eu] îți aduc ție un câine negru. " So far, we're seen it this way more frequently, with the unstressed pronoun before the verb and the stressed pronoun afterwards. Thoughts?


Your sentence is not correct If you want to place Îți after aduc you need to write it like this ,, Îți aduc un câine negru'' or ,,Îți aduc ție un câine negru" or ,, Ție îți aduc un câine negru" I hope I could help you :D


I am also somewhat confused by the words order Ție îți aduc. Can someone explain?


Thank you so much! That website helped me so much to understand! :)


This is very helpful. Thank you.


the complete/stressed dative pronoun is not mandatory to use, if you don't want to put special emphasis on a contrast. so "Îți aduc un câine negru" is also correct and "ție îți aduc un câine negru" could be translated more lile "I bring YOU a black dog (not him*her)"


I think it's just a way to emphasise on the fact that it's for you... Like (not sure it would be proper english) I bring you a black dog to you


Is it like in Spanish, like saying “a ti te traigo un perro ❤❤❤❤❤” ?


There is also a Spanish dialect called "Asturian" that uses following structure: A tí traigo-te un perru negru. As far as I know, this dialect seems to be the closest to the limbă română.


Politically, Asturian might be a dialect but linguistically it's a language in its own right like Catalan.


If you don't put both stressed and unstressed pronouns the response is not accepted. Why not? There is no reason to stress 'you' in this case. It seems very random to me!


Can I say "îti aduc Țîe un câine ❤❤❤❤❤"?


Yess this means "I bring you a dog" ^^

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