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"The sister of Andrew is younger than the brother of Sebastian by one year."

Translation:Sora lui Andrei este mai mică ca fratele lui Sebastian cu un an.

December 25, 2016



Shouldn't it be "Sora lui Andrei este mai mica decat fratele lui Sebastian cu un an"?


Yep. That is the correct way of saying it.


Indeed, "Sora lui Andrei este mai mică decât fratele lui Sebastian cu un an." is better! In romanian we avoid using "ca" after a word that ends with "ca".


"mai tânără" is accepted, too.


I don't understand this one, shouldn't it be mai tanara decat fratele lui Sebastian cu un an? mica is smaller, not younger............. pisses me off that this is so inflexible, I'd like to hear the imput of a native Romanian speaker . In English if I say she is smaller, that means her stature not her age.


Yes, it should be "decât". Mică is also corect. We use mică and mare for age also. "El este mai mare decât mine cu un an" - He is one year older than me.


well Andrew please read the comments Andrei has posted....apparently he is a Romanian who is either one of the tutors of Dl or someone who is studying his own language....(??)! as additonal info, i understand yr frustration as i have noticed that the composers of such courses are not always native speakers...i am following Spanish & Italian also thru Dl and i have often noticed the oddities applied for translated sentences. Dl is "good"for learning words and grammar!! you should not try to the logic...just learn the words by heart!

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