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  5. "Ydw, dw i'n gallu seiclo."

"Ydw, dw i'n gallu seiclo."

Translation:Yes, I am able to cycle.

December 26, 2016



'Yes, I can ride a bicycle' isn't accepted either.


Probably because they are different constructions:

Yes, I can / am able to cycle - Ydw, dwi'n gallu seiclo Yes, I can / am able to ride a bicycle - Ydw, dwi'n gallu reidio beic.


It's seemed to me that, generally, where the construction it would translate to isn't standard English (as is the case here) they seem to allow the different construction.


The word "bicycle" isn't here in the Welsh. The verb is "to cycle" cf MrGWall who is correct.

This sentence "Yes I am able to cycle" is standard English.

It is a different sentence from "I can ride a bike."

Checked with my tutor in Welsh at Cardiff uni who agrees with MrGWall.


yes, but the point is that 'I am able to cycle' isn't normal English, whereas 'I can ride a bike' is.


Well I consider it normal English.

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