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  5. "Anh ấy bỗng trở về."

"Anh ấy bỗng trở về."

Translation:He suddenly returns.

December 26, 2016



Is "tro ve" the same as "quay lai" and "tra lai"?


Yes, "trở về", "quay lại" and "trả lại" are the same word in English (return). But:

"Trở về" is used to indicate someone returns home, or where they belong to (such as their home, where they were born.)

"Quay lại" is used to indicate someone comes back after leaving a place (the same place).

And "trả lại" is used to indicate returning back something in the right place, or returning back something that you borrowed.


xin lỗi chị viết trung văn ở đây... trở về 返回,回去; quay lại 歸來, trả lại 歸還 (cho người hoa để hiểu)


I feel the drama in this 'bỗng' :)

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