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  5. "Βλέπω την ευθεία."

"Βλέπω την ευθεία."

Translation:I see the straight line.

December 26, 2016



I got this right on the first try ("I see the straight"), but felt at the time (and still feel) that it could and should be improved.


Ευθεία is line or straight line in English. The adjective "straight" is not necessary, a geometrical line is always straight in English not in Greek


A line (μία γραμμή) can be straight, zigzag or curve (ευθεία, τεθλασμένη ή καμπύλη). Furthermore, colloquially speaking, when we simply say (γραμμή) we mean straight line (ευθεία).


In Greek mathematics γραμμή still is defined as a continuous one-dimensional flow of points: curve, straight line, ... and the noun ευθεία is straight line (straight is never used as a noun in mathematics). In most of the mathematical world this has been changed: a line is today defined as a straight line. This means that line = ευθεία (or straight line if you want) but for γραμμή there is no simple translation any more???


So I think that we agree, don't we?


The problem is that the languages do not agree. We both agree with γραμμή and ευθεία. However line which always means a straight line in English cannot be used for γραμμή, which can be both curved and straight. There is no simple word for γραμμή in English


By coincidence, this afternoon, I heard somebody helping a driver to park. He told «ευθεία» not «γραμμή». I thought he wanted to be accurate since the case was critical and I thought that maybe you would find this interesting. By the way when we want to say go straight we also say «πήγαινε ίσια» or in case of driving «ίσιωνε». Curiosities!


no, a zigzag is a series of line segments and curve is an arc. a line is ALWAYS straight


This really isn't true even outside of Greece. "Line" only means a straight line in mathematical/technical use. English speakers talk about "straight lines", "curved lines", "wavy lines", etc. all the time, just not in a mathematical context.

It's similar to the fact that "work" has an extremely specific meaning in physics, but it would be silly to claim that someone reading in their office could not be doing work, as they were exerting no net force over any distance.


You are right of course. One thing is sciences, another how people use the words. Still I wonder how mathematicians communicate after this reform. I just saw that the Germans still follow Euclid and the Greeks


wailu2014! This is outside Greece. The Greek mathematicians still follow

Euclid: a line has only length, no breadth or height.

Hence Euclid's lines include curves with straight lines as a special case. Sometimes between 1965 and 1975 this was changed so that a line now, always is a straight line. But not in Greece, to my great enjoy they follow Euclid.


My dear kirakrakra (truly what does it mean this nickname?) as you mentioned above for greeks LINE is «a continuous one-dimensional flow of points» that unites two points, and STRAIGHT LINE is the SHORTER LINE THAT UNITES THOSE POINTS. And if exists any other line that has the same length with the former then those two lines are identical point by point. I wrote all this for you personally kirakrakra because the whole thing is conceptual and has nothing to do with what we see and I think you would adore it (like me on the other hand).


I think "η πιο κοντή γράμμη είναι μια ευθεία" describes the relation inside and outside mathematics


Is <<I see straight>> acceptable? Also, it accepts <<I see the straight>>, it seems odd to me, can anyone confirm it is acceptable in English?

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I see straight = Βλέπω ευθεία, where straight is an adverb, not an adjective.

I see the straight is OK too, straight can be a noun as well, see here.


To be clear, the only one of these that would be acceptable in most dialects of American English is the poker sense.


Please fix this. Whatever "the straight" was supposed to mean in this context, it stretched beyond reasonable hear. The languages can't be translated with mathematical precision. We should learn from a living language translated to a living language; if I would ever be speaking like this "I see THE straight" I would sound like Google translate :-)


It is now fixed. We got rid of the 'I see the straight' translation, thank you for the reminder. ^.^


Would "I see straight" be acceptable? We would only say "I see the straight" in poker or if we were referring to something like the Bering Straight.


It is Bering Strait I think Strait is the small bit of water between two landmasses


You are correct. I am a terrible speller!

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