"Milyen az angol sör?"

Translation:What is English beer like?

December 26, 2016



What kind is that English beer? - was marked wrong and I don't understand why. milyen a sör - what kind of beer! The duo answer: What is English beer like - has another meaning for me. I would try to translate that English sentence with: Az angol sör mint mi? or Mint mi van az angol sör?

December 26, 2016


First of all, it's not that beer, it's just beer or the beer.

The Hungarian sentence means: "Wie ist englisches Bier? / Wie ist das englische Bier?"

The most common way it's usually translated to English is: "What is English beer like?" This is a question about objective-ish properties of the beer: is it bitter, is it cold, does it remind you of anything, is it good, how is it made &c.

Another way to translate it is: "How is the English beer?" This is a question about personal impressions.

(This beer-y one is a silly example, the difference becomes more pronounced when the topic is eg. a vacation. "How was your vacation?" asks wether you liked it or not, "What was your vacation like?" requires you to share the detailes.)

A thid way is translating "Milyen(féle)/miféle az angol sör?" as "What kind/sort is (the) English beer?". Then you'd expect an answer like "barna" or "világos" (ale, lager.)

December 26, 2016


Thank you, for your help! Milyen/what kind of - is still very difficult for me in Hungarian and English. Auf Deutsch verstehe ich es als: Was für ein Bier ist englisches Bier? Aber wer würde so etwas fragen?

December 26, 2016


You need to differentiate between an adjective (describing a noun) and a predicate (an adjective as a statement) in Hungarian.
Let us pick an adjective: "barna" - brown.

"(a) barna sör" - (the) brown beer
Here, "barna" is an adjective, modifying a noun.

"a sör barna" - the beer is brown
Here, "barna" is the predicate, what we are stating about the beer. We can also put the predicate in the front, it will not change the meaning:
"barna a sör" - brown is the beer

So, look at these two very closely:
"(a) barna sör" - (the) brown beer
"barna a sör" - brown is the beer - the beer is brown
A tiny, but very significant difference!

Very similarly, we can use the word "milyen" in these two roles:

"Milyen sör?" - What kind of beer?
"Milyen a sör?" - What is the beer like? Yes, that is how English expresses this question.

January 5, 2017


Thank you! Now i understood better, that Germans have different words and meanings for it and that it is not possible to make it clearer in Hungarian or English.

January 5, 2017

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Vielleicht wird’s auf Deutsch noch ein bisschen klarer. milyen heißt einfach wie in diesem Kontext: Milyen az angol sör? heißt Wie ist englisches Bier? oder vielleicht Wie schmeckt englisches Bier?.

Wenn milyen allerdings mit einem Nomen zusammen auftritt, also milyen sör heißt die Phrase was für Bier. Die deutsche Frage Was für Bier ist englisches Bier? wäre Milyen sör az angol sör? ­— eine mögliche Antwort wäre obergärig.

June 16, 2018
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