"A szőlő nagyon savanyú."

Translation:Grapes are very sour.

December 26, 2016



What's about: The grapes are very sour? It was marked wrong. I can't remember, that Hungarians use the plural for grapes. But in English, German or French there is a difference between singular and plural for grape/s, Traube/n, raisin/s I think, both should be accepted. What do you mean?

December 26, 2016


Szőlő can mean an individual piece of grapes or can be used as a mass noun. Szőlők is either several individual pieces of grapes or several kinds of grapes. I personally wouldn't use the plural if there are more than a few handfuls of grapes, especially if they're in the same bunch (fürt.)

With that said, the correct translatiion would be "(the) grapes are very sour."

December 26, 2016


Yes, "a grape" to me is just one berry in the bunch.

August 4, 2017
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