"Eu vreau opt nasturi și patru batiste verzi."

Translation:I want eight buttons and four green handkerchiefs.

December 26, 2016

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Distinctly possible that the speaker is planning to make knock-off Kermit the Frog puppets. I can't say I approve.


2019-08-14 [Kermit drinking tea dot gif]


Can there be a possibility that the eight buttons are also meant to be green?


That's what I wanna know as well. And the Mrs says unless it says specifically, then assume that they are both green.

.....which can be tricky since it could be either/or since the hankies are already plural by themselves..hmmmm....


"I want eight green buttons and four handkerchiefs." was considered wrong. I suppose that the adjective could (not necesairly) modify both nouns in Romanian. Is there a way to modify both numbered nouns in English with just one adjective, like I tried in my answer, or would I need to specify "eight green buttons and four green handkerchiefs"? Sorry for bothering y'all with a doubt that is not even about the target language. Cheers.


Not a native speaker, but I suspect in both languages you would say something like: I want eight buttons and four handkerchiefs, all (of them) green.


As a native English speaker, I would probably say "I want eight green buttons and four green handkerchiefs." But your answer is just as good, Schattenparker. However, I can't imagine every needing to say either one!


well I tried hankies in here, as we don't usually say handkerchief in our neck of the woods, but it's not accepting it (I even spelt handkerchief wrong until the spell check stepped in! lol).

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