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Hej alla! I am Super-Svensk, and I am the creator of the Swedish Word of the Week page here on Duolingo. Every Monday, I post a new Swedish Word of the Week so that you can learn some fun and unusual vocabulary. This archive is a list of all previous words. If you ever want to review old words, you can come here to see a full list. To check out even older words, look at the 2016 Swedish Word of the Week Archive or the 2015 Swedish Word of the Week Archive

WORD #139:
JULSTÄMNING (common gender/en-word, pl: julstämningar)
1. the feeling of hope and joy associated with Christmas; Christmas spirit

WORD #138:
GUMMIBRÖLLOP (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: gummibröllop)
1. eighth anniversary (literally "rubber annivesary")

WORD #137:
PEPPARKAKSGUBBE (common gender/en-word, pl: pepparkaksgubbar)
1. gingerbread man

WORD #136:
OBEFOGAD (adjective)
1. unjustified, unwarranted

WORD #135:
PARAGRAFRYTTARE (common gender/en-word, pl: paragrafryttare)
1. stubborn rule-follower

WORD #134:
DYGNSMEDELTEMPERATUR (common gender/en-word, pl: dygnsmedeltemperaturer)
1. average temperature (for a single day)

WORD #133:
DYSTER (adjective)
1. gloomy, dreary

WORD #132:
FÖRPLÄGA (verb, förplägar, förplägade, förplägat)
1. to provide with food and drink

WORD #131:
SPRÅKPOLIS (common gender)
1. language police, someone who corrects other people's grammar too much

WORD #130:
HYGGLIG (adjective)
1. friendly, pleasant, decent

WORD #129:
MJÄKIG (adjective)
1. squeamish

WORD #128:
PÅTÅR (common gender/en-word, pl: påtårar)
1. first refill of a cup of coffee, second cup of coffee

WORD #127:
NYCKFULL (adjective)
1. capricious, unpredictable

WORD #126:
1. legendary, having many stories told about it

WORD #125:
BABORD (adverb, noun)
1. port, the left side of a ship

WORD #124:
BJÖRNTJÄNST (common gender/en-word, pl: björntjänster)
1. something with a well-meaning intention that is thought to help but actually hurts

WORD #123:
KITTLA (verb, kittlar, kittlade, kittlat)
1. to tickle

WORD #122:
TRÄKOL (neuter gender/ett-word)
1. charcoal

WORD #121:
SOLFÖRMÖRKELSE (common gender/en-word, pl: solförmörkelser)
1. solar eclipse

WORD #120:
ÅNYO (adverb)
1. anew, again (formal, slightly archaic)

WORD #119:
HUVUDBRY (neuter gender/ett-word)
1. headache (metaphorical)

WORD #118:
MJÄLL (neuter gender/ett-word)
1. dandruff

WORD #117:
SJÖRÖVARSKEPP (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: sjörövarskepp)
1. pirate ship

WORD #116:
ANALFABETISM (common gender/en-word)
1. illiteracy

WORD #115:
BRÅTTOM (adverb)
1. in a hurry

WORD #114:
ALSTER (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: alster)
1. work, product (the result of the creative process

WORD #113:
SLUMPMÄSSIG (adjective)
1. random

WORD #112:
MADRASSERA (verb, madrasserar, madrasserade, madrasserat)
1. to cushion, pad (literally "to mattress")

WORD #111:
DRÖJSMÅL (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: dröjsmål)
1. delay

WORD #110:
BETYGSÄTTA (verb, betygsätter, betygsatte, betygsatt)
1. to grade (as in school)

WORD #109:
DUVHÖK (common gender/en-word, pl: duvhökar)
1. goshawk

WORD #108:
SOVSÄCK (common gender/en-word, pl: sovsäckar)
1. sleeping bag

WORD #107:
OFÖRTRUTEN (adjective)
1. indefatigable, tireless, not slowing down

WORD #106:
SPINDELNÄT (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: spindelnät)
1. spiderweb

WORD #105:
1. to give someone housing or lodging

WORD #104:
OUMBÄRLIG (adjective)
1. indispensable

WORD #103:
KOPPAR (common gender/en-word)
1. copper

WORD #102:
ÖVERAMBITIÖS (adjective)
1. over-ambitious, overly motivated or determined

WORD #101:
ENASTÅENDE (adjective)
1. outstanding

WORD #100:
HUNDRAKRONORSSEDEL (common gender/en-word, pl: hundrakronorssedlar)
1. 100-krona bill

WORD #99:
BETESMARK (common gender/en-word, pl: betesmarker)
1. pasture, grazing fields

WORD #98:
PITTORESK (adjective)
1. picturesque

WORD #97:
IHÅLIG (adjective)
1. hollow
2. with a hole in it, filled with holes
3. hollow, unconvincing (about a point/argument)

WORD #96:
LÄTTLURAD (adjective)
1. gullible, easily tricked

WORD #95:
STYGN (neuter gender/ett-word, pl stygn)
1. stitches (medicine)

WORD #94:
UPPNOSIG (adjective)
1. sassy, insolent, cheeky

WORD #93:
STATSKUPP (common gender/en-word, pl: statskupper)
1. coup d'état

WORD #92:
VALLGRAV (common gender/en-word, pl: vallgravar)
1. moat

December 26, 2016



Tack så mycket

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    It's cool!!!!!


    This totally rocks. Thank you for doing this!!!


    Halla Super-Svensk!

    I would like to do a Japanese version of this word of the week.

    Is that okay?

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    Thank you very much! :)

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