Scala - Ladder vs Scale

I'm thinking this is an error in consistency from Duo, but sometimes "la scala" refers to a ladder and sometimes it refers to a scale. Some phrases will accept one but not the other, and some phrases will only have one or the other as a hint.

For example, "non ho la scala nella cucina" in my mind refers to the scales, as in measuring scales. However the correct answer is "I do not have the ladder in the kitchen"; why the heck would you have a ladder in your kitchen?

Is there a grammatical rule I'm missing here?

February 17, 2013


You might keep a stepladder in your kitchen. Especially if you are short and need to reach high cupboards.

October 27, 2013
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Hm no, that's just duolingo being silly; scale as a weight measuring instrument in italian is "bilancia".

Although it's often a ladder or a staircase, there are a few occasions where scale translates scala, e.g. an ordered sequence of values, like a musical scale (scala musicale) or in cartography, thousand to one scale (scala uno a mille).

February 17, 2013

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