"A great mass of people."

Translation:Μία μεγάλη μάζα ανθρώπων.

December 27, 2016



why would this not be 'των ανθρωπων' ?

December 27, 2016


Because the article is actually ommited in this case. Μία μεγάλη μάζα των ανθρώπων wouldn't sound just right, especially in this case, and other similar ones, like

Ένα κοπάδι προβάτων (or Ένα κοπάδι πρόβατα) - A flock of sheep.

Just like in English, not of the sheep.

Μία μάζα ανθρώπων - A mass of people.

Again, not of the people.

Μια κουταλιά ζάχαρης (or Μία κουταλιά ζάχαρη) - A spoonful of sugar.

I hope this is a bit helpful. ^.^

December 29, 2016
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