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"Mae fy nhad i'n byw yn Abertawe."

Translation:My father lives in Swansea.

December 27, 2016



not to add 'clutter,' but my question is about the answer i submitted. i wrote 'mae fy nhad yn byw yn abertawe.' my question is twofold: in this instance and others like it, wouldn't both 'fy nhad i'n' and 'fy nhad yn' work? also, how can one phonetically distinguish between 'yn' and 'i'n'? cheers.


Both patterns are correct - fy nhad and fy nhad i are equivalent in meaning, with the second often used to emphasise the 'my'.

The pronunciation of yn and i is quite different, and the course voice shows this. yn is close to the '-un' in southern British English 'bun', while i is the '-i-' in 'bin'.


Is there a difference in pronunciation between yn before a predicate (mae Alis yn mynd; mae Alis yn gyflym; mae Alis yn ddynes) and yn as a preposition (mae Alis yn Llandudno)?


No - it is the same word, just being used in different ways.


Ah, so it has neutral vowel even in yng Nghymru, yn Llandudno, ym Mangor, etc.?



Similarly, fy, dy, y/yr and a couple of less common short words.

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