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Pause timer while reading comments

Occasionally during the exercise I come across an interesting word or phrase and want to read the comments to gain some clarity on it. It'd be nice if the clock paused when you opened the comments window, or perhaps even if there was a pause button. I understand that people might "cheat" and pause the clock to think about their answers longer, but that really doesn't harm anyone but themselves.

I find myself sometimes not reading the comments even though I know I could learn from them, just because the clock is ticking and I want to complete the exercise. People come to this website to learn, and I think the pressure of the clock might too make others feel less likely to stop and really absorb the meaning of something.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your time!

February 25, 2014



This is one of the reasons I don't do timed practice even though I would like to. I value learning over speed and the comments are where the trickier points get explained.


For timed practice, you can't stop the clock as you know :D I do understand your feedback here. For now, you can always try practicing without a timer if you find that you look at the comments often.


I've seen a screenshot after the hackathon that showed you can check the incorrect answers (and maybe the discussions?) after the timed practice. Are you going to activate it sometime? thanks

here it is, #3: http://blog.duolingo.com/post/62723181502/duolingos-inaugural-hackathon


I like that idea. After doing a strengthen skills exercise it'd bring you to a new page where you can compare all your answers vs the right answers, and also read comments / report errors for each one.

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