The (plural noun)?

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I started learning Swedish on Duolingo two weeks ago and have been enjoying it ever since. However, one question I have about the language is how "The" works with plural nouns. For example, I know that "Pojke" is "Boy", "Pojken" is "The boy", and "Pojkar" is "Boys", but how would one say "The boys"?

Thank you, Skaibae

1 year ago


Pojkarna... There's a lot of rules that govern it and many will seem non-standard. Just practice it over time, don't stress, and soon enough it'll stick to where you know intuitively what the endings are for each word (because you've heard them before from practicing and the correct ending will sound right to you)... :)

In the lessons that teach is initially, they've written all the rules out for you in the writeup on the page of the particular skill... Look at it, it's very useful and understandable with effort.

1 year ago
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Check out the declension table here Wiktionary is a very useful tool for learning declensions I highly recommend browsing it :)

1 year ago
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Learn Swedish in just 5 minutes a day. For free.