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"Oricine cunoaște ce este corupția!"

Translation:Anyone knows what corruption is!

December 27, 2016



Doesn't "Everyone knows what corruption is" (practically) mean the same in English? (It's not accepted.)


In some contexts, there is very little difference between anyone and everyone:

Correct: Everyone benefits from a just government. Correct: Anyone benefits from a just government.

Sometimes they are not interchangeable:

Incorrect: The new CEO knows anyone in the business. Correct : The new CEO knows everyone in the business.


But in this case OP is right, or rather, duolingo's sentence doesn't work in english. "Anyone" is used in questions "Is there anyone here?" or negative sentences "There isn't anyone who will like this." This is not a question, nor a negative so it means the same thing as "everyone."


I don't think "Anyone benefits from a just government" is a valid sentence. "Anyone can/could/would benefit" is okay however.


Or even more clearly ".. does not know anyone in the business" vs "... does not know everyone in the business"


I think ”Oricine știe ce este corupția” sounds much better in Romanian. ”A ști” and ”a cunoaște” may mean the same sometimes, but definitely not always. Știi că am câștigat la loto? ”Cunoști că am câștigat la loto?” should be avoided.


With cunoaște the sentence means something (roughly) like "every Romanian has first-hand experience with corruption". It still works with the "known noun", but yes they are not interchangeable verbs.


Again I don't think these sentences are being translated to English well. There must be some difference between "anyone" and "oricine" and it's derivatives because these English sentences do not make sense. It would be great if a Romanian speaker could provide some insight.


Should this be 'know' instead of 'knows'?


Thx. I always learn something new in English when using DL.


the inclusion of "one" is the key.

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