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  5. "Three, two, one"

"Three, two, one"

Translation:Ba, hai, một

December 27, 2016



Funny how three in Vietnamese and eight in Chinese are the same word when usually similar words mean the same thing!


These are native Vietnamese words for numbers. There are also Sino-Vietnamese words derived from Chinese which are not much used except in fixed expressions.

See Omniglot for a chart and Wikipedia for a more detailed explanatin.


Not funny. Please understand that Vietnamese language is not all from Chinese but from different civilizations. Một (1) Hai (2) Ba (3) Bốn (4) sound exactly from Cambodian language. By the rule of thumb, if it is one word it mostly is an ancient Viet language, if it is two-word then it is mostly from Chinese or combination Viet-Han mixture.

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