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  5. "I show you a fat rabbit."

"I show you a fat rabbit."

Translation:Ție îți arăt un iepure gras.

December 27, 2016



The Romanian sentence is unnatural: we say ”Îți arăt (ție) un iepure gras”


Also, it's unwise to let people know that you possess a fat rabbit.


It depends... Romanian is similar to spanish and sometimes we have until three or four ways to say the same thing (in spanish)... in this case we can say:

TE voy a mostrar un conejo gordo.

Voy a mostrarTE un conejo gordo.

and a very extreme case, this way is no longer in use

VoyTE a mostrar un conejo gordo. (Medieval Spanish)

obviuously, not all the people use the same way, some people use the first, some people use the second, but both sentences are understandable.

I have understand the same situation happens in romanian, probably not all the sentences can be said in many ways, but some of them have more than one.

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It is correct, but the emphasis is that I am showing you a fat rabbit, and not to anyone else.


This one is quite natural. The others aren't :)))


I completely agree with Gustawsohn, it sounds weird and Spanish isn't an argument, would be better if some one put a link that explains this grammar issue. I have found only one form (in grammar books) - before and after key verb


Gustawsohn is correct. The correct Romanian sentence should be: Îți arăt (ție) un iepure gras


Why is "Eu-ți arăt un iepure gras" not correct?

According to Duolingo: The unstressed short forms without î- (with the î- elided) are always attached to another word that begins or ends in a vowel: Mi-a explicat asta. (He explained this to me.)


Oh no! Is it the Big Chungus?!


Shouldn't: "Voua va arat" also be accepted?


Why does this response require both stressed and unstressed forms? Theres nothing to imply that I'm showing it only to you.

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