"Il termine sa carrière dans un zoo."

Translation:He is finishing his career in a zoo.

February 17, 2013

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Maybe he is a teacher at a public school


C'est trop drôle!!! J'ai ri et j'ai ri. Encore je ris!!


you have laughter? Is that like avoir faim or avoif soif?


No. J'ai ri is passé composeé tense. "I laughed"


This is a non-sense statement. He finishes his career in a zoo. We would not say this in English. If you're saying that his last job is at a zoo, then it would be "He finishes his career at a zoo." If he's in a zoo, it means that he's in cage.


Maybe he got into a fight with his boss at a zoo that they went to together. While he threw punches at his boss, his colleague remarked, "He is finishing his career in a zoo."


Or perhaps he is retiring and his coworkers are throwing him a retirement party at the zoo.


What a laugh


Perhaps he is a banker and throws himself in a lion cage. Thus his also finishes his career in a zoo in english, but at the same time, he finishes his life....


he used to work in a zoo


Maybe not so odd in context. Perhaps he is a veterinarian who finished his career in a zoo.


The long and short of it is that the translation is poor English that no one, in any real context would say.


This was an auditory one for me and I had no clue what the last word was in French so I guessed at 'zo' knowing it was wrong. It was right - but with a typo!


impossible to me to guess that "zoo" was the last word


"After a tragic incident for both the lion and John Smith, and heavily celebrated by us, John Smith, a lawyer, finished his career at the zoo. He gave the lion indigestion.


Yeah he did... belch (pardon)


What would be the context of this question? i.e. a retirement party in a zoo ( as previously stated ) say someone had a specific job, say a cleaner and his last assignment was in a zoo, he worked in a place that became a zoo, someone had several different jobs, the last of which was in a zoo?


To me it's straightforward: he works/is working in a zoo, and it's his last job. The omniscient narrator of an imaginary novel knows this.


Maybe it's metaphorical, like he is ending his career at a workplace that is way too crazy all the time, ie a zoo!


he is a circus owner of bygone era. due to present times and especially due to SPCA, he had to form a zoo to accommodate all his animals .Now his retirement time has come


He must work in the corporate world.


Undoubtedly, next to "le loup."


The English "He is finishing his career in a zoo" makes it sound as though he left some other job (perhaps working for a vet) and will work for the zoo until he retires.

However, I strongly suspect that the French sentence means "He is ending his career at the zoo." We rarely say "a zoo" for something like this, much as we say "I went to the doctor" not "I went to a doctor."

Sitesurf? :-)


can termine be stop?


I love how 'zoo' is always said so much more excitedly than all the other words. Just listen to it and you'll see what I mean...



I heard it Rena. It reminded me of an earlier exercise (i was half asleep), when the narrator said, "CALM!!!"


Why is Duolingo obsessed with zoos ? In real life, conversations about the zoo are rare !


Termine .....why not finishes


What career is he finishing ???????

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