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  5. "After she went, I went home."

"After she went, I went home."

Translation:Ar ôl iddi hi fynd, es i adre.

December 27, 2016



can someone explain why 'ar ol aeth hi, es i adre' doesn't work?


It isn't the usual pattern that people use, that's all. Patterns with i are widely used and you will meet several on this course. This is one of them.


I'm not entirely sure why (from a grammatical point of view), but it's just not the case in Cymraeg; the "es i" would give "flavour" to the translation in Saesneg being "past" and therefore the "ar ôl iddi hi fynd" would also need to be in the past tense. I was once taught that "i fi, i ti, i chi, iddo fe, iddi hi, iddyn ni, iddyn nhw" are "timeless", just like "cyn"...

Aeth e i'r tŷ bach cyn iddo fe adael - He went to the toilet before he LEFT (not LEAVES).

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